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Blindness and Drag Shows [Mar. 25th, 2008|12:29 am]
Home of the blind/visually impaired lgbt community
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Hi all, hope you're having a good week and to those of you in school a good spring break. This weekend is our annual drag show at school. 2 of my friends in the group, Nicole and Brandy are coming to town to see the show. Have any of you ever attended a drag show? If so what was your experience? I have gone with blind people and sighted people and feel that it is better to have someone sighted because there is no dialogue in drag shows. Most of it is the costumes people have on, the lip singing, and the way people hand them money. I think they are fun and helarious but not something I'd recomend for a total to go to with another total or alone. Any thoughts or experiences in this situation?

[User Picture]From: d_roneous
2008-06-15 03:06 pm (UTC)
Hey there, I have only a little periferal in one eye and am total in the other. I have been to quite a few drag shows over the years and my best advice is, yes, bring a verbal, very campy friend to describe the fabulous costumes. Tipping is always a challenge but when it doubt, hold your dollars out:-) The trickiest is getting pulled up on stage and letting the performers know about your blindness if they don't guess. I was grabbed and pulled up at a show in Asia and had a hard time conveying that. It all worked out well though and a few cocktails can make all the difference. Just project your personal fabulous !
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